Environmental Protection



Quemme undertakes to respect its environmental awareness, which means not only choosing the more robust and free from toxic substances raw materials but also investing in production processes more environmentally friendly. That's why our company decided to resort to Green Energy, using photovoltaic panels.

A photovoltaic system allows us to minimize the use of traditional energy sources. The energy produced by photovoltaic panels is fully utilized to satisfy the increased energy needs of the new manufacturing process.

Among the environmental benefits:

1) the use of a renewable energy source, free source present everywhere and inexhaustible as the sun, makes the company more environmentally friendly ;

2) this reduces pollution and cuts carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) and other pollutants contributing to raising the greenhouse effect with an estimated value equal to 0.531 kg per 837 kWh of CO2 not entering the atmosphere and without noise pollution;

3) this allows us to reuse or recover surfaces and marginal spaces or not easily usable (roofs or facades of buildings).