I see you are in Puglia, are you also available in other areas?

Sure, we normally operate throughout Italy. But we also have many customers in Europe, Middle East, Russia, Indonesia and America.


How can I have a short overview of the cost?

Just send us the measurements, even approximate, and some pictures. With these elements we can already give you a price almost precise of the intervention, except for the final evaluation on site.


Are your products guaranteed?

Of course! Products are guaranteed for 5 years and the coating for 2 years. If an easy maintenance is carried out (with our simple instructions), your door or window will remain beautiful forever!


Do you also provide just one piece?

 We are structured to provide even small amounts without any limitation.


Can I have a glass different from the standard one, improvement in terms of thermal or acoustic insulation?

Of course we have a wide choice to suit the various needs of our customers.


How do you execute the transport of your products?

Quemme products are transported using company vehicles.


How can I become a Quemme dealer?

Please contact the Commercial Office by email at quemme@quemme.it


What are the advantages of aluminum?

The aluminum offers numerous advantages. In fact:

· Aluminum is economic: stable and lightweight, it involves limited construction costs. In addition, aluminum is practical, lasts for years and is re-evaluating: the aluminum doors and windows will not corrode or deteriorate.

· Aluminum is resistant to weather conditions and break-ins, this feature makes it ideal for the construction of doors , windows, doors and curtain walls, also of large dimensions.

· Aluminum is environmentally friendly: it can be recycled many times almost at 100% with a limited energy consumption and it is not harmful to the environment, even in the event of fire.

· Aluminum, if properly treated and combined with insulating materials, is resistant to fire.

· Aluminum windows and doors require very little maintenance: just a regular cleaning and aluminum products remain as beautiful as just installed.


What is Aluminium/Wood?

  • In aluminum/wood systems, doors and windows are constituted by a mixed profile in which aluminum is coupled with a wooden profile.
  • The two materials are assembled, depending on the techniques, by plugs made ​​of plastic material, perimetral profiles in plastic material or other similar systems that allow the smoothness and the expansion of the materials realizing ventilated chambers or thermal breaks.
  • The laminated wood used in the aluminium/wood windows or doors is obtained by pasting on each other very thin wooden sheets. The pasting, the pressure and the treatments, undergone by wood, make it having a very good hardness/weight ratio, make it fire-resistant equivalently, if not greater than materials such as steel and reinforced concrete. Thanks to the wood, the interior spaces of a home are first and foremost to earn; with the simple installation of windows/doors, the rooms will be warm and comfortable. The advantage of the aluminum/wood windows and doors is to offer the classic look of the wooden products enhanced by the technological characteristics of aluminum. The coupling of the two materials is studied in such a way that the advantages of the two components are added  and the respective defects are eliminated.


What buildings are suitable for aluminum/wood windows or doors?

The aluminum/wood products are well suitable for a wide variety of design requirements, perfectly in line with any type of building or environment: in fact, wood and aluminum can be treated and painted in order to be perfectly suitable for new or historic buildings, for private buildings or factories, shops, studios and offices.

Windows and doors with aluminum profiles and solid wood strips are suitable for windows and balcony-doors with one or more leafs with hinged opening, vasistas, tilt -and-turn leaf, sliding leaf,  with internal opening.

In addition, the aluminum/wood products are suitable for those who have little time for home maintenance because they eliminate exterior maintenance due to the action of weather elements: it is sufficient to perform periodic cleaning and they will always remain beautiful as just installed.