When you decide to renovate a house, an important decision concerns the glasses and the types of windows and doors. The choice of glass can increase the energy efficiency of our house. There are different types of glass that can also combine with different technologies. Choosing glazing can be difficult for those who do not work in the sector and do not know the various types available on the market.  QUEMME has a wide range of glazing options able to meet and satisfy the needs of all its customers.



Low-emissivity glass

The low emissivity glass is an insulating glass, consisting of two or more panes spaced by one or more spacer profiles. An insulating glass differs from a normal glass, because it has a particular treatment, thanks to which it's possible to contain the dispersions.


Solar control glass

The solar control glass is a product with a high technological content that allows the passage of sunlight through a window, at the same time keeping most of the solar heat out. In this way, the interior spaces are bright and much cooler than with the use of a normal glass.


Acoustic glass

For those who would desire sound insulation is possible to request the acoustic glass on their windows. The noise, especially in the big cities, is harmful to your health. Therefore it's very important to have an effective sound insulation in your home and workplace. Normally the windows are the weak link as regards the thermal and acoustic insulation of a building. The acoustic glass is a laminated glass consisting of two glass planes joined together by one or more films of a transparent plastic material ,which act as a shock absorber between the two panes of glass preventing vibration and reducing noise pollution.


Reflective glass

Reflective glass creates a visual barrier, under some conditions, allowing visibility and luminosity from the opposite side. During the day reflective glass has a mirror effect and reflects sunlight, providing privacy and visual comfort.


Tempered glass

Tempered glass is special glass which undergoes a special treatment of heating and then sudden cooling. This treatment makes the glass more resistant to mechanical stress and thermal shock. Some tempered glass can be considered as safety glass because if it breaks, it crumbles into tiny harmless fragments.


Laminated glass

Laminated glass is obtained by assembling more layers of glass with the application of plastic interlayers (PVB, SG, EVA). Laminated glass is the solution that provides the best guarantee in terms of security, both to protect people from injuries resulting from accidental breakage of the pan and as a protection against external actions of thieves. All QUEMME windows and doors are fitted with laminated glass as standard.


Decorative glass

In ornamental glass the vitreous mass liquid is poured between one or more pairs of laminating rollers and receiving, in this way, the characteristic surface structure of this type of glass. Depending on the conformation of the rollers plain faces, one plain and one decorated, or two decorated faces can be obtained. The cast glass panes are translucent and do not allow a clear vision as in normal glass .


Double glazing / Triple glazing

QUEMME offers the possibility to mount double or triple glazing on its windows and door. The difference is the presence of two or three panes of glass, separated from each other by an air space, defined as air chamber. Compared to single glazing, these types of glazing improve the insulation of the home from external noise and maintain in it the heat or the conditioned air, avoiding thermal dispersions.