Quemme Warranty


In our view, guarantee our products only in accordance with what is established by law isn't enough. We want to offer an unparalleled 5 years warranty on all its products and 2 years warranty on coating. In addition there is 1 year of free assistance!



The company guarantees one year of free assistance for all products installed and tested by our Service & Logistics network.



The company guarantees the functionality and the performance of the products for five years. The warranty becomes effective immediately after the full payment of the supplied product and is valid for five years from that date. The warranty extends to any subsequent owner within a period of 5 years.



The company guarantees the coating on all its products for two years, provided that they've undergone a regular maintenance at least once a year and a regular cleaning at least three times a year. The warranty only covers defects attributed to the coating or varnishing of aluminum windows and doors, such as the integrity of the coating film, flaking and blistering. The warranty becomes effective immediately after the full payment of the supplied product and is valid for two years from that date. The warranty extends to any subsequent owner within a period of 2 years.



The request for assistance must be sent to us within seven (7) days from when any defect is evident in the original performance of the product: Quemme Srl, Circonvallazione Taranto-Lecce (zona industriale) 74024 MANDURIA - ITALY

When sending an assistance request please provide the following information (which allow us to respond quickly and effectively):

a)the date and the place of purchase;

b) how to contact you;

c) the address of where the product is installed;

d) a description of the product and the problem (photographs could be helpful).



Quemme will acknowledge your assistance request within ten (10) days and in the event of a manufacturing defect in the product, Quemme (as its exclusive discretion) can:

a) provide the replacement of the parts to the buyer (excluding installation);

b) repair or replace the faulty product at one of the work sites designated by us (at no cost for the buyer).

With the direct presentation of the product in one of our work sites, all costs accrued in restoring the full functionality of the product will be covered by Quemme, excluding all delivery costs.

If an intervention is requires at the site where the product is installed, the customer will be charged:

a) a call-out fee to the Quemme technicians;

b) labour costs;

c) any transport costs.

During the first year of warranty, the assistance is free of charge and no fee will be charged by Quemme, excluding all delivery costs.



The warranty does not cover any damaged part by negligence or carelessness, lack of maintenance, errors in installation, handling or transport (if carried out by third parties), that is, any circumstance that cannot be traced back to manufacturing defects. Removable parts, handles, glass elements, hinges, seals, accessories and any part subject to wear and tear are not covered by warranty unless it can be proved that they have been damaged by manufacturing errors. Quemme will not be liable for any accidental or indirect damage and its responsibility will be limited to the repair, the replacement or the refund to a value not higher than the product price. Quemme is not liable for:

a) normal wear and tear of the product, including the wear of seals;

b) natural weathering of surfaces or changes in color of aluminum and wood;

c) problems caused by misuse, abuse, failure to adhere to maintenance and to care instructions;  or as a result of any cause beyond the control of Quemme;

d) parts not supplied by the company, such as door handles, etc.;

e) damage or low product performance resulting from incorrect installation and/or conditions that cannot ensure its certified performance or that are not in compliance with the building regulations in force.

 All implicit warranties will expire at the end of the five (5) years warranty period. No distributor, dealer or representative of Quemme company has the authority to change, modify or extend this warranty.



The following phenomena are to be considered normal over time and are consequently not cover by the warranty:

a) slight loss of shine;

b) slight variations in color of windows and doors due to the natural deterioration of chemicals agent of the paint used. This phenomenon is more visible on windows and doors with dark colors.

Products, exposed to the following conditions and damage, are also not covered by the warranty:

a) condition of exposure in harsh natural environments such as areas within 50 meters from the closest sea wave and/or environment with temperatures above +55°C and below -20°C, or windows and doors installed at altitudes higher than 2500 meters above sea level;

b) condition of exposure in corrosive or harsh environments, such as areas within 200 meters from chemical plants, refineries, industrial laundries, foundries, etc.;

c) damage caused by hailstones and/or natural disasters (for example floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.), breaking and entering or vandalism;

d) damage caused by construction works such as wall painting, cementing, varnishing, whitewashing, plastering, etc.;

e) damage on the final coating caused by packing materials and as a consequence of doors or windows left out under the rain and/or the sun;

f) damage caused by condensation inside the structure, due to neglect or abandonment;

g) damage on the final coating during transport, onsite storage or due to external causes such as blows or scratches after installation;

h) alterations made with not recommended products by Quemme;

i) cleaning carried out using harsh ammonia or alcohol-based chemical detergents, solvents or acids.